Pause ‘Mapping I, II, III’

First of all, briefly I want to explain our this semester project. The name of the project is Pause, the name is coming from to dwell, to dwell means that to remain for a time, the pause is a temporary stop. The project aim was parallel to the changes everyday life practise and habits, our conception of domesticity and usage patterns of domesticity was altering so the result of this changes is in the duration that we dwell in the house, in concept of the Pause, we should be approached this housing challenge with focusing on duration of occupancy.

Mapping I

After the site analyzes, we interpreted our analyze as maps. In our first mapping exercise, we focused the green areas near the site but we interpreted these green areas as a border, they have some borders in terms of topography or roads. We aware of that the land use patterns such as schools, mosque, and bazaar with three roads around the site created three axes. We also added this map the time use of this patterns in a week and a day. We also showed the height of the residential, bus routing and industrial zone. We got good comments about the border of green areas.

Mapping II

We advanced our analyze and interpreting but we also zoom out the site and analyze the macro map for zoning. In the first zoning map, our aim was showing where is the Ostim in Ankara then the industrial, residential and commercial areas are shown with zones. The border map was advanced with including features that created this border. In between two industrial areas we noticed that there is the hybrid area, it includes both industrial and housing zone but the important point that we observed is this part connected with our site, we named this unknown zone as a threshold between industrial, residential areas and the site.



Mapping III

We focused on the threshold and we analyze all land use patterns of the threshold and we took three section from threshold. Then we noticed that in zonning map, there is a different variations of zones. We also focus on the duration but we analyze duration in terms of human activity.

Site ‘Ostim’

Ostim is an industrial area of Ankara but it also occupied with residential and with also industrial facilities. Our site is located in the housing part of the Ostim. We visited our site two times, I want to share our experience and observation during this visits. In our first visit, we analyze the site and its near environment.  Especially our firm documented quantities and sizes of residential, commercial, and other functional units and taking photos. Then we mapped our observation.

Our site:

Green Areas:



What If – Section

From previous semester, we worked with what if questions, my question was a What if Red House by William Morris designed SANAA? but this semester what if challenge a bit was changed, we injected some different space and architectural elements such as a zoo, street garden, pool to sections of Unite d’Habitation designed by Le Corbusier and Torre David designed by Enrique Gomez. However, when we injected pool to Torre David some qualities in a section of Torre David should be changed, probably two or three floors transformed a pool but how?

Before the explanation of my what if questions, I want to have a short information about Unite d’Habitation and Torre David. Unite d’Habitation is most influential housing example in the post-war period. The building is a structure of the Le Corbusier well-known quate a house is “a machine for living in” and applied it to an entire community. The building looks like a self-contained concrete vessel that is structured like an ocean liner. It contained  1,600 residents, but it also boasts two shopping streets, a hotel, and a rooftop terrace. Its section offered a solution to housing projects, unlike other housing projects in the section there is no corridor on each floor, so there is different circulation and all residents have a each facade for the solution of light and air.

Torre David had an interesting story, it has remained uncompleted skyscrapers because of the Venezuelan economy collapsed in 1994. However, today it was called vertical slums. 750 families lived in an extra-legal and this ruins became their homes, they organize themselves to provide for daily needs, with a hair salon, a gym, grocery shops, and more.  For more information about Torre David, you should watch a movie about Torre David. I watched this movie at a festival three years ago and I was so impressed the movie:

The first question was What if the pool was injected to Torre David? In this challenge there is a need for three-story because under the pool there must be a technical volume, and shower, changing cubicle and sunlight. For providing sunlight I placed a pool to incomplete part of the Torre David, I also changed the place of the vertical circulation. Because of changing vertical circulation some of the offices also were changed.

The second question is What if the barn was injected to Torre David? That’s a real challenge, can you think a barn in a skyscraper? The first problem was a smell, for blocking a smell, there must a powerful ventilation. In section there a void between residents I completed this void with vertical circulation part and in horizontally I also try to create a continuous void with open spaces for air circulation (red parts). For transportation of fattening animals, I merged the car park of Torre David for using ramps of car parks but I increase the height of this space for truck transportation. In between these two blocks, the lift was placed.  All animals have their own dwell, long community areas and feed storage for their happiness.

The third question was What if garden steps is injected to Unite d’Habitation? The street garden is transition space between house and street, I think that in vertical how is work it can be transition space between the different residents of Unite d’Habitation or same residents it contributed the new qualities of the Unite d’Habitation in terms of circulation and community areas.


The fourth question is What if staircase of Pompidou Center injected into the corridor of  Unite d’Habitation? When I search to Pompidou Center, I was so excited the all structure of the buildings are in the facade. Then, I focused how the tunnel stairs are located inside of buildings so the corridors and the tunnel can be merged. With this merger, the circulation of Unite d’Habitation has more potentials but in result works there occurred the triangular spaces.

Scale ‘Bed’

The scale is an important issue for architects, for understanding scale issue we worked on a unit ‘BED’ with two operations multiplicity and resize we worked on the bed issue. Firstly, I focus on bed and its definition, a private horizontal simple surface can be a bed like a yoga mat. I multiplied bed juxtaposed and with borders. Then I placed beds in urban contexts, with multiplicity its privacy changed also in an urban context is it a still bed? Now it is a just horizontal surface for any aim. Then I scaled beds, especially I preferred a bed that has storage so when the bed was scaled storage as well. Then I analyzed in a different manner, the bed is a horizontal surface but when we extrude this surface there were also four vertical different surfaces. These surfaces also can be used.

Case Study- Garden City and Siedlung

Garden city theory was introduced by Ebenezer Howard. Many architects and theorists transformed and applied this theory in their designs. Garden City began in England but there was no example of the Ebenezer Howard theory. With the effects of industrial revolution, cities emerged, there was a problem about the planning so the garden city was the ideal of a planned residential community. After the first war, especially in Germany, there were problems with dwellings and their hygiene. Workers need a house so in Germany especially in Berlin garden city was transformed to Siedlung. Bruno Taut, J.J. Oud, and Martin Wagner were well-known architects of Berlin Siedlungs. Siedlung spread Europe in Vienna there were crucial examples of Siedlung. We discussed Garden City and Siedlung basics and introduced several examples from Berlin, Frankfurt, and Vienna.

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Yaşlı Adam/ Gammaz Yürek – Edgar Allen Poe

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Yaşlılık mı, sırtınız her gün daha fazla ağrımaya başlıyor, sesler daha kısık geliyor kulağınıza ve ayna baktığınızda buruşuk bir yüz ve kafanız üstünde birkaç tel beyaz saç. Evet yaşlılık korkunç bir gerçek, ölüme gün ve gün yaklaşmak bir de yalnız bir hayatınız varsa daha zor. Oysa gençken hiç bunun farkında değildim yaşlılara güler, dalga geçerdim. Ama o öyle değil bana karşı her zaman yardımsever ve kibar heralde kendi oğlum olsa bu kadar yardımcı olmaz, sevmezdi beni. Bazen bakışlarında bir şey hissediyorum, küçümseme ve tiskindi gibi değil nefretle bakıyor. İnsanlara çok güvenmem aslında ama bakışları dışında ona güvendim, güvenmek zorundaydım kime kimsem yoktu. Son günlerde daha alakadar olmaya, hatta sabahları odama gelip rahat uyduğumu bile sormaya başladı ondan ne gibi kötülük bekleyebilirim ki? O gece, uykuya hemen uykuya daldım. Uyanmam çok uzun sürmedi bir ses duymuştum evet, yataktan sıçrayarak kalkmıştım. Etrafıma baktım karanlıkta hiçbir şey göremedim, bir ses duyduğuma eminim. Hırsız mı girmişti fakirhaneye, insanlar evimin önünden geçmiyor başlarına yıkılacak diye, hırsız napsın benim iki kuruş paramı. Kediler çöp karıştırırken tenekeyi düşürdüler heralde. Acaba o da duymuş muydu sesi, uyanmış mıydı? Tam bu sırada kapının biri tarafından açıldığını fark ettim, kim var orda diye bağırdım, yutkunmaya başlamıştım, Ali sen misin? Yaklaşık bir saat sessizce kapıya doğru baktım başka ses gelmedi. Galiba Ali uyuyordu veya yoktu, tek başıma ne yapabilirdim hırsıza karşı. Kalbim göğsümden çıkacakmış gibi atıyor, yataktan çıkacak cesareti bulamıyordum. Ölümün çok yakın olduğunu hissetmiştim üzerimindeki yorgan kadar yakındı bana. Ses çıkartmazsam hırsız beni öldürmeden gider diye düşünüp sakinlemeye çalıştım, avuçlarım terli, nefes nefeseydim. Gözüm birden kamaştı bu da neyin nesiydi, o an paramın derdinde olmadığını anladım beni öldüreceğini anladım, üzerime birden atladı çığlık attım, yere düşmemle beni boğmaya başladı, derin bir acı hissettim göğsümde.