Le Corbusier was a Swiss-French architect.He was one of the pioneers of Modern Architect.He has many masterpieces in several areas of world(Europe,İndia,American).Also he did not design only buildings, he wrote some books(Toward an Architecture is example) designed city plans, was painter.

Le Corbusier was influenced by his teachers, Europe trips, Harterhouse of the Valley of Ema. Especially, he was affected by industrial revolution.Before the industrial revolution, art and architecture was been for aristocracy.Le Corbusier believe thet all people should have the opportunities to live as beautifully and peacefully.Everyone is be comfortable in their home.For the lower classes, modern architecture should provide an organizational solution that raise the quality life.Therefore, he did not only design a few housing blocks, he designed city plan.

Orginal Name :

1970 Paperback

Original Name: Vers Unc Architecture(French) 1923

In this revolution ideas, he contributed to journal called “L’Esprit Nouveau”.Thanks to this journal, he developed his articles, he collect 7 essays from journal. They became a book called Towards an Architecture.This book was written for everyone, everyone can read not only scholar.It shows that Le Corbusier was a purist.

When he journeyed to Balkans and visited Serbia, Bulgaria, Turkey and Greece.He sketched what he saw especially Parthenon, he used Parthenon in Towards an Architecture.


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