Regulating Lines

In this part of Toward an Architecture, I can understand importance of mathematics,geometry,shapes,proportion in Architecture.Since primitive time, human construct hut or buildings,(their type doesn’t matter), they represented their ideas with plan.Plan is important because they include calculation and measurement so the uses of mathematics is certainly gift for Architects.

Le Corbusier ‘Mathematics is majestic structure conceived by man to grant him comprehension of the universe’.

In design, shape which is at basic compositional level set by some abstract organisational devices such as grids, axes and regulating lines.With using these, Architect can control position and location of other lines though geometric relation and dependencies.

Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris

Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris

We can see regulating lines in many buildings in different variation.I chose these plan because regulating lines does not mean only straight lines.Curved lines can be used in plan and the uses various geometric shapes call attention to everything from shape of buildings.

Also, with lines and geometry designer can create their scale and own proportion so they have also significant role in design.We can see them in very part of life.There is a golden section of human body and shape.Generally, Le Corbusier use golden section and Fibonacci series.He was a inspired from human body in their construct.100_2228


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