Is Ornament a Crime?

Ornament is a thing that uses for decoration in the buildings.In the past, people believe that ornament is a beauty of the buildings, it was a trend.However,in 19. century, Adolf Loof – was an Austrian and Czechoslovak modernist architect, theorist of modern architecture- claim that ORNAMENT is a CRİME.He argued at his essay “Ornament and Crime”, according to essay, ornament is a social crime because it kill the material potential and function and it is harmful to society.

Ornament is unnecessary and does not have any aim in the buildings.Clearly, ornamentation contributes beauty but also it contributes complexity.In modernism architecture, simplicity can be beautiful so ornamentation -including complexity- destruct buildings and materials shortly, it is unnecessary.Simple object can use every time and society.Simple form of materials have more function.

Lack of ornament is a sign of intellectual power.

Ornament is also harmful for economy.Uses of ornament in building means that more money, time and labor.Therefore, people should not focus on ornament, human should focus on invention of grander things for humanity.In my opinion, being against ornamentation is a part of social evolution.They are still fancy and beautiful but briefly they are waste of money and materials.


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