‘Co.Mo.Ro OPERATİON’ Step 2 and Step 3

Last weeks, I wrote step 1 in here , because of my busy weeks, sorry I did not write step 2 and 3 but I write both of them together now.It is not end of process, there are still many step to be written.

Step 2

This step is similar step 2 , only numbers of unit increase , we can use between 10 and 15 unit in model.When I assemble my units, I paid atention alignment of units and build strong physiscal relations.Also, with this steps we begun to use diagrams.

Step 3

In this step, we increase our one initial plane size which in unit.When we do, we reference step 2 model’s diagrams.Thus we built many relations between our units.

Revision Part

After the pre-jury I decided to change my unit so I did all process steps again.

Revision Step 2

Revision Step 3

Process will continue with different operation…



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