Early Cultures

Primitive times, people population grew depending on proliferation in some of the parts of the world. With this growing, they developed their civilization.They began to use plants, wood, mud also they used caves for protecting themselves from wild animals, cold weather. They painted or engraved walls, they used different space of this caves such as sleeping space or cooking space. The examples of these caves are Lascaux and Chauvet in Europe and Apollo 11 cave stone in Africa. As a result, the civilization and architecture began together.

Then, they began to use stones for protecting their tribes when they built shelters or temples such as Nabta Playa, Gobekli Tepe. Historians suppose that Nabta Playa  was used for site travel from far away by hunter-gather. This stonehenge is different from other stonehenge because their basic shape is circular. Gobeklitepe is also similar and it is circular open-air temples. Similar caves, people engraved animals figures and patterns.

In time, people started to build their villages, the site has to be safe , proper for live collectively. Therefore, they general settle the area that close river , the sufficient for farming or field between two mountains. Mesopotamia have these properties, it is between Tigris and Euphrates rivers, its ground was suitable for farming and it have also mines. For these reasons, it was many civilation’s home. These civilations found tin, gysum, gold, copper from mines and they used these materials while building their homes. At the same times trade is developed and different materials spread other civilations. Thanks to the trade people used different materials at their homes.

Catal Huyuk houses are rectangular architectural basic mass and there was no street and passageways. People used their houses roof for entering their home for protection. Their general approach, larger room connect to small storage room and oven at centre at room and people used raised platform for sleeping and other activity. They also decorate these house painting and they usually burried their family in houses. Houses were used almost all activities.



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