Analyzing Erimtan Museum

Hello from new semester! Last week, our first lesson was in Erimtan Museum which is in Ankara, Ulus. Our aim was analyzing and observing Erimtan museum and surrounding area for  understanding the relation between human experience and horizontal surfaces, also the visual relation. We measured nearly all things in the museum and noticed that horizontal surfaces placed accordingly human bodies and visual relation. For example, stands that including archeological things placed based on human outlook. Furthermore, the museum has typical floor shape and floor is oriented people for analyzing stands and walking the other part of the museum. In Erimtan, there are also a library, cafe, and garden, we also analyzed these areas including horizontal surface such as tables, chairs, counter. These are designed also accordingly human scale and people can do bodily experience on these. The good details of the museum are opening between two floors and windows. This opening provides the visual relation between floors and while walking a floor, you automatically want to analyze another floor. Windows frame are oriented people eyes to Ankara castle.

After that, I and group members discussed our observation and decided that there were some differences between horizontal spaces in terms of duration of movements and diversity of experiences. In the library, there are people who worked in Erimtan, they use their tables and spend more time and experience more things on horizontal surfaces, in cafe also similar. However, museum part is used by visitors they can experience just stands visually. In that case, we determined levels of diversity of human experience. We used red acetate sheet, they show that human scale and determined the level with the density of acetate sheets in the model.I mean where diversity of experience decreasing acetate sheets density decrease. Especially, library and cafe part is denser than other parts.We also use Erimtan specific shape to show how to floor oriented people and show motionless surfaces with given textures.



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