Variation of Erimtan in terms of Human Experience

I and my group members made a model of Erimtan museum and we continued the same concept of model and after critics, we focused on the diversity of movements on the horizontal surface at the model. We observed three different conditions of horizontal surfaces how can affect the diversity of experiences. We showed this with three variations of concept models.

First of all, we ignored corners because, at corners, human cannot do different kind of activity- I mean corner is useless.

The first condition, we show that horizontal surfaces size and shape how can affect diversity of human experience. Some of the part model get more narrow, some parts of getting larger in the model and in narrow part, density of acetate sheet decreased because this part can be used by only one person and different types of movement happening get difficult, a person can just walk the narrow path. However, the larger part many people can do anything they want, walk, sleep… because these surfaces sufficient for various experiences.

The second concept is while changing the height of horizontal surfaces,  diversity of experience how to affected. We examined Erimtan museum stands and their height based on human scale and overlook. From these analyzing, between a human knee and their head height they can use effectively and easily so in between diversity of experience increased. Except between of knees and their head height, human movements get hard and acetate sheet overlapped decreased.


The last model is about changing slope of surfaces how can influence variation of human experiences. In slope part, generally people can not use because the move get difficult these part and variation of movement decrease accordingly in the slope part.



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