Topography and Architecture

This week, we focused on topography. Topography is physical appearance of natural features such as land and area. Topography is the basic problem of the architecture, when architecture and topography working together, structure win authenticity. Therefore, topology begins to the relation between space and human, a human has also relation with land, landscape.

Last weeks, we worked on a variation of horizontal surfaces and their impacts of human movement. Now, we working topography and their effects of human experience and visual relation. In the model, I worked with changing slope and their effects. When topography level surface distance is so close, slope increasing and human movement getting harder and also it can not be proper for the build. However, another part of the model distance of topography level long and slope decrease. These horizontal surfaces sufficient for movement and also buildings. In topography, land of slope can be seen clearly.


At second  diagram, I want to show how topography is oriented people and can be changed their vista. Because of shape topography, people moved accordingly their level shapes and these diagram topography have 3 sides because of topography figure and these sides have different vista and visual relations.


Vista has also the important role of the relation between topography and architecture. People at between two hills, they have a visual relation between themselves. However, when a little hill placed between to these two hills. Their vista is interrupted they have the visual relation between also a little hill. When a river is placed to between two hills, vista is not affected but in terms of movement, a little hill and a river get harder to movement also they can be interrupted human movements.


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