Southwest Asia and Achaemenid Persia

With developing of military technics may Asian civilization find potentiality the spread larger area that Anatolia, Syria, Palestine, parts of the Egypt and they became larger political empires. Because of growing in the larger area immediately, many races is mixed and its effects on architecture have seemed clear. Empire region becomes more sophisticated in terms of architecture. For example, Sargon II’s Dur Sharrukin and Nebuchadnezzar’s Babylon had the development of urban order with well-made streets and city gates.

After extremely larger, Sargon  commissioned a new capital Dur-Sharrukin called the city of the Sargon. Outside Egypt, the city has the orthogonal plan also scale and monumentality of the city are bigger from Ur and Hattusa so the city override all of the previous models. Outline walls have a unique geometric figure. Sargon was built palace contained six temples and a ziggurat. Sargon temple had a unique alignment that diverged 10 degrees of the other buildings because of Astrominacal orientation. Palace had the orthogonal coordinate following tradition inner palace placed the asymmetrically the entries for discouraging the direct access. The technical innovation was a vaulted drainage system  under the royal quarters. Like a Mesopotamian house type, light source comes from courtyard distributed through the palace. Palace had also square plan and the seven levels of the continuous spiral path. The wall along ziggurat carried crow-foot parapet and each level of the tower have the different color. After the death of Sargon, his son changed the capital.

New Babylon’s location was upstream from Uruk and Ur. It came to political reputation under the rule of the Amoritas but it lost the political power and it is the important religious site. Babylon as a melting pot containing many types of races and twenty different languages. Slaves that have different nations were worked at the destruction of the first temple in Jerusalem. New Babylon had the same ideas as Dur-Sharrukin in terms of its walls and elevated royal palaces. Babylon that contain three sets of the wall, the ziggurat of Entemenanki, the Esagile Temple and constructions with hanging garden were unrivaled. Also, orthogonal methods and squared walls are the same approaches with Dur-Sharrukin. Major temples include a grand axis that though the heart of the city it provided to bring crowded the temple. The major of temples compounded in the center of the city. The new boulevard organized the first important project for public space in the part of the world. Babylon Ziggurat ( Tower of Babylon). Entemenanki appeared to be the tallest building in the world, the tower had seven level and different color of levels. Seven stages mean that the seven heavens , the knowledge of astronomy.



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