Tuz Gölü Trip and Analyze

Last week, our all studio went to Tuz Gölü for field trip together. Tuz Gölü is the second largest lake in Turkey and its place is nearly Ankara. We paid attention to  Tuz gölü features ,human movements, texture, the environment around Tuz gölü, topography, light and wind conditions. Then we mapped our these analyses and observations.

First o all, I analyzed vegetation and texture differentiate of land. The entrance of the Tuz gölü (road part) rate of salt is low and as closed Tuz gölü vegetation over and mud begin. After a long walking, salt becomes wetter. This condition affected also human movements, people walk harder and they do not use vegetation or mud part. Human speed  is affected directly by changing textures.

In the morning, there was the certain orientation for people because we want to reach horizon line that between two mountains. We walked for reaching the horizon line but we begin lost our time perception because there was no reference it is just like nothingness. Tuz gölü have large scale comparing with human scale. At night, we do not orient something because we could not see horizon line or mountains. We just walked to straightly or settlements lights.



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