Martin Heidegger – Poeticaly Man Dwells from Poetry, Language, Thought

Martin Heidegger (1889, 1979)  was the most of the important and original German philosopher, he was the main defender of existentialism. He had contributions hermeneutics, psychology, political theory and theology. However,  his main interest was ontology and the study of being. Although he was a successful philosopher, his thoughts about Nazi movement and politics have been criticized so much. The essay called Poetically Man Dwells written by Heidegger was explored the meanings of Hölderlin’s phares but it contains more things as separated from the essay.

About relation between him and architecture, he was one of the philosopher who affects architectural concept, especially his thought about earth and dwelling. He mentions that true nature of dwelling as not dwelling in building, sense of dwelling is expansive on the earth. Besides, taking the measure is the poetic distance between sky and heaven cannot measure so the human measure cannot be between sky and heaven it is between sky and earth.


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