After the catalog, we tried to show the concept of architectural elements in 3d composition. First of all, I researched types of architectural elements in catalogs such as opening, corridor, wall, floor, ceiling, stair, ramp, balcony… Then I thought their -ish conditions, for example, an opening can be both a window and a door. Also, we have expected these elements and their -ish condition how the create spatial experiences and relations such as enclosure, light conditions, access, transparency…

I focus on elements ‘ corridor, wall, staircase, floor’ and enclosures, common spaces, private spaces and light condition. First of all, the corridor is transition spaces between spaces, its first ish condition is a space can also include transition spaces like a corridor, it has a similar aim with corridor but it placed in a space. The second corridor-ish condition is series of spaces openings also created like corridors aim, three are not certain corridor but it is opening series for the transition. The final condition is a staircase is also used like a corridor.

The level differences between floors can be created different spaces but these spaces have still relation so they are not certain separated like by walls so level differences become wall-ish. Also, the closeness of wall provides different spatial qualities.

Besides, I tried a variation of openings and their effects of light condition and visual relation such as vertical opening and horizontal openings. However, about opening composition has some problems, I will revise them.



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