On This Earth ‘Second Pre-jury’

After critics of first pre-jury, I added new parts of my project that approach for road and extend the group of spaces also these two group separate each other with more horizontal and more vertical qualities. Briefly, my design developed like this.


Two features of Tuzgölü is important based on my analysis. These are flatness of Tuzgölü and strong orientation through the horizon line where the lake and sky meet. Then decided a location where face with the horizon for her project. I have two axises and these axises intersect at the beginning of the lake. Since she wants to collect people from the road, she extended the axis through the road. These axises become wider at the beginning of the lake through the horizon line. Axises angels helped to perceive this orientation through the horizon and distribution of people in the Tuzgölü. I grafted the changing enclosure level and the vista from Göreme, these qualities are changed gradually from the beginning of axis to end of the axises. One side of the axises, I used vertical and horizontal surfaces and ramps for the relation of these axises I added paths and ramps between two axises.


Plan 1/200


Sections 1/200

The jury found promising the approach of two different axises that vertical and horizontal. But, the approach was not clear in the project. Because they are similar to each other and so intense. They suggested to make the idea stronger and to compose their extremes for reading the differentiation in the project. And also one way to make it stronger is that vertical elements may return horizontal on the other side or vice versa. Another comment about courtyard part is more physical and strong relations between axises with level differences or some elements of axises.

In summary, I really had great feedbacks, see you at Final Jury post.


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