Concept Models of Beam

Hello from another enjoyable structure exercise, I and my group member constructed a beam from gypsum plaster and we tested its capacity with loads and calculations. Especially, construction model and load tests steps are enjoyable for me and my friends. However, we had struggles about calculations.

Firstly, we prepare pattern that has arch-shaped because it is more straight to tension-compression. Then we thought on the materials of pattern, how we can shape easily. After that, we decided to use acetate sheet. We prepared two patterns for each concept model. One concept model included copper rebars. Actually, we failed our first pattern preparation then we changed pattern material.


After construction step, we tested our beam load capacity. As a result of load tests, the unreinforced beam can carry 4.5 kg but the reinforced beam can carry 6 kg because of copper rebar. However, in calculation step we met a sad outcome, based on calculations of bending capacity of beams, beams cannot carry our own weight but load tests are succeeded. This condition has appeared that we have false tension and yield strength value in calculation or since beam arch-shaped, they could carry loads.


Unreinforced Beam Load Test


Reinforced Beam Load Test

Consequently, we met material and its preparation and also we experienced calculation importance in structural elements. This is our presentation of exercise: structure-and-architecture-assignment-3


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