On This Earth ‘Toward the Final Jury’

After the second pre-jury, I focus on verticality and horizontality and how to simplify my design. Firstly, I tried horizontal and vertical elements differences between axises of spaces but it is failed because of space definition.In addition, with this idea transition part in paths is not visible in design.


With the suggestion, I focused on vertical spaces which are high, long, narrow spaces, they are like a corridor and horizontal space which are low and wide spaces. The vertical part of the axis can be more narrow and long zone unlike horizontal part wide and short zone. Also in transition part of axises should be changed gradually vertical to horizontal or horizontal to vertical with the path for their visibility in design. I also received my problematic ramps. For getting more simple design, I gave up the idea of spaces that have different angles.

After these steps, my design is still complex and have problems about order and consistency because of angle and the gradually changing in the transition part between horizontality and verticality. For gradually changing, I should add more different scale and quality of spaces so it is directly getting more complicated my design instead of this idea I tried to add extreme vertical and horizontal spaces but it disrupted design balance between horizontality and verticality. I solved this problem with connection part between vertical and horizontal elements. In vertical part, vertical elements more dominant in connection with horizontal elements so horizontal elements also have contribution verticality, for horizontality as well. I had three paths in my design, then I decided that I can do the same relation with two paths instead of three paths. In horizontality part of the axis, I used topography slope and topography for a design element in the composition.


I nearly solved vertical part problems with editing its scenario but horizontality have still problems so I took out the end of the horizontality because it did not like to belong there and with the revision of the second path angle horizontality part end up with the second path. About approach part, I give shape topography for collecting people in beginning of design. Finally, my project nearly ready for the final jury.


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