26 Photographers

In Cermodern (Ankara), I visited photograph exhibition ’26 photographer Irian Women Photographer’ this exhibition should be visited for understanding Iranian daily life and women’s place in society also photographers reflect their wishes and expectation from Iranian and all middle eastern country with their photographs. All photos really show different perceptive of Iran and women with interesting methods of photographs. I want to share my favorite work and photographers with you.



Hana Mirjanian, 2014


The remains of people from the past come into the picture at the quickly glance: the houses. The some the old houses in the neighborhood have been restored and some others as in purgatory, awaiting their fate. But in between them, amongst the alleys and the lanes, lives today’s population, people with problems and complexities of their own.

Photos atmosphere and style are so natural and show real things about Emamzadeh Yahya neighborhoods. If you listen to the walls they tell you many narratives of city’s past and present.


Abnous Alborzi, 2016


Abnous Alborzi, 2016

“I Enjoy Remembering You”

Postcards eternalize memories of the past in one’s mind.

The photographer tried to revive her mother different period of her life and also understand her love of a mother. In this way, their love and emotional connection become permanent. One of the interesting work is in the exhibition.



Nasim Goli, 2015



This collection based on a dream. I once dreamed of my parents, in paradise, under the forbidden tree. Mother reached out and picked a fruit. Seeing her, the father grabbed the fruit screamed out load: “Earth is not the suitable place for women.”

Some of the photos are really dramatic and some of one are really hopeful but all of them are worth visiting, the exhibition continues until the 26 of January in Cermodern, Ankara.


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