Art Terms

In this term, I take a course which includes art exercises and experience about music, dance and cinema. Actually, this course period is so relaxing and developing in terms of cultural accumulation. I want to share with you to some exercise from this course.


This is a collage of my self-portrait, firstly I introduced my life with some photos of my family, my friends, and my hobbies. An activity that was made for us to better identify ourselves.


The second one is the abstraction of my toy ‘koca burun’, I abstract koca burun in four steps with focusing its including triangles. When we work on this exercise, we watched a part of animation ‘Inside Out’, I really suggested this animation.


The last one is a final exercise which is group work, firstly, we write a manifesto about living freedom with limitations then prepare a visual content for presentation. Black and white figure that represent people who live with limitation, in contrast, colorful figure representation of people who live without limitations. Especially, I liked the background of composotion, we collage watercolor textures.


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