Sketch Problem ‘What if’

In this term, we have new and so enjoyable sketch problem ‘what if’, we are given a question and about three hours. An exercise is well but my questions is a bit forced. My question was ‘What if The Red House by William Morris was designed by SANAA?

Why it was so forced ?… Because Red House is the gothic masterpiece so it introduced domestic architecture of Europe. However, SANAA’s founder were Japan architects and they have so interesting style not modern or not classic maybe I can say that experimental architecture for them… They do not have common point also they are quite irrelevant.

Red House was designed by William Morris, especially he also designed the garden and his design decision is the integration of building and garden. Therefore he used L-shaped plan layout for this integration also this shape provided maximum clarity and efficiency in room design. Another important aspect about Red House is its name and the story of this name. He used red brick in whole design even in fireplaces so brick color becomes a building name. Use of material become an important issue in design, especially in this example İf red brick are not preferred, all design and its style changed probably it are not giving same influence of beauty. Its gothic style other essential things that I want to mention. It had a Tudor gothic style but it is so simple contrast some of the gothic churches. Its windows, arches and towers (mean roof design) so gothic in exterior and red brick also support this effects on buildings. Also, the interior also includes gothic details, for example, some of the furniture have a wallpaper of stained glass windows and gothic motifs.

About SANAA, actually I really impressed their works, they have really different unique own style and in their all works they have a a different concept but they are also consistency. They are seen like so simple and random contrast, they are very complex. Shortly, extreme abstraction, perfect clarity, highly aesthetic and experimental design. They used glass extensively, their use of aim is creating unclear boundaries. It provides relation with nature and interior design relation. Glass also created reflection and layered spaces. Their favorite color of course is white. They preferred pipe columns instead of walls. They have interesting plan works so the space each contains a different function they are arranged and shaped to separate gently but also connect each other. They used the circular shape for orientation of people and panoramic view.

In my study, I should protect red sense so directly material should be brick but it was not proper for SANAA style. I solved this problem with I used red brick some part of the interior design so with glass reflection red house cannot lose its red sense, the reflection idea so proper for SANAA. I also changed plan, it is still l-shaped because of garden interaction, but it looks more SANAA now. OK, finally I found their common point nature, both have relation nature so L-shape does not change but the relation is now more strong thanks to glass. In garden side, interior design glass is used instead of brick. Sorry but all gothic aspect disappear…

However, I am not still satisfied but sketch part and analysis are so pleasant…




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