Case Studies Step-1

Before our this term project, we did some exercises but this term exercises based on researches and analyzes so this challenge have three steps. The first step is about researches and analyzes a group of houses called ‘case studies’ then with two keywords, case studies  I produced a collage with their relation and interpretations. The final step is the 3d model, 2d collage converted as a 3d.

Case Studies

Actually, I researched houses in detail because I should find some tips for relation with keywords and houses. A group of houses and keywords:

  • Le Corbusier, Villa Savoye / Poissy, France, 1929
  • Adalberto Libera, Villa Malaparte / Naples, Italy, 1938
  • Richard Meier, Saltzman House / Long Island, 1969
  • SANAA, Moriyama Apartments / Japan, 2005
  • Erkut Şahinbaş, Atrium Evi, Muğla, 2014
  • Rem Koolhaas / OMA, Villa Dall’Ava / France, 1991
  • Shigeru Ban, Glass Shutter House / Japan, 2003
  • John Hejduk, Wall House 2 / Netherlands, 2001
  • Can Çinici, Microloft I Yarasa / İstanbul, 2013

Keywords: Reassurance and Spatial Silence

Villa Savoye: ‘The house is a box in the air’ Le Corbusier, Le Corbusier was a pioneer of modern architecture and Villa Savoye is his best-known work with its form, layout, materials. Villa Savoye has included all aspects of five points of architecture that is universal system successfully. The system demanded pilotis (slender columns) to raise the building of the ground (box in the air) and allow air to circulate beneath; roof terraces, to bring nature into an urban setting; a free plan that allowed interior space to be distributed at will; a free façade whose smooth plane could be used formal experimentation; and ribbon windows, which let in light but also reinforced the planarity of the wall. While analyzing exterior and interior, exterior which is remarkable smooth, planar quality with ribbon windows. It is possible to clearly understand the spatial interaction between public spaces and private spaces. Typically, the living areas of a house are relatively private, indoors and very secluded. However, Le Corbusier positions his living space around a terrace with a common, open terrace, separated by a sliding glass wall. Both the lower and upper habitats are based on the open plan idea, which encourages the inhabitants to move around continuously. This circulation supported with ramps between floors.

Villa Malaparte: Villa Malaparte has an own word, it is completely isolated from civilization, it is only accessible by foot or by the boot. It seems like lonely monumental at the cliff with own form. It has a red structure with inverted pyramid stairs. Villa Malaparte was built with local stone extracted from the site itself; as a result, it has a harmonious relationship with nature and the stairs seem to exceed the cliff, created a new height on it. The interior of the house was distributed in three levels. Above the house, there is a large staircase leading to the solarium, a new floor that feels as though it extends toward the horizon. This space remains completely oblivious to the rest of the house and is not accessible from the interior spaces.

Saltzman House: Its main qualities are absolute whiteness, geometric composition, the prominence of the light. Meier was so influenced from Le Corbusier so he captured the purity of form and space seen in projects of Le Corbusier and spaces are the subtraction of volume. The rounded contours of the house, the two separate structures linked by a footbridge, and use of columns supported the purist appearance are all paradigm of the style. In order to take advantages of scenic coastline, which is not visible from the ground plane, the upper two levels predominantly common space are elevated above a slightly recessed private ground level.

Moriyama House: ‘House as a city’. This work can be defined as the formation of urbanity on the inside of the building. Ten cuboids with different floor areas and heights are freely distributed across a stretch of land not much larger than the lots quartering dense concretions of a single family. All ten volume accommodated different requirements and they are independent each other. It definitely private and community living and it is a perfect example of the home designed like a community while connecting the inside and outside.

Atrium Evi, Erkut Şahinbaş: This house has similar antique atrium house style with modern ways. It’s exterior and interior design merged and separated in different levels.

Villa Dall’Ava: The wall creates a permeable barrier between interior and exterior slide to open fully onto the garden. Its Architects also influenced Le Corbusier with the use of columns, garden and interior relation.

Glass Shutter House: Inside there were three stories and two stories high curtain which is next in this layered composition. An exterior is a new form and unusual facade. Relation exterior and interior is controlled by completely closing all shutters or opening just the shutters on the side of buildings. Shutter facade used to adapt to surrounding streetscape.

Wall House 2: The building was taken attention extreme large concrete wall and surrealist style. Basically, work and living spaces have a different function so they should be separated architecturally so concrete wall separated the working and living sections of the house. Surrealist sculpture merged with cubist paintings and architecture shape series of public, semi-public and private quarters. The structure was organized around the central axis and vertical planes. Light colors visually separate the volumes, this way every volume has a function embraced by an unusual shape that everyone can enjoy and learn from.

Micro-Loft Yarasa: Structure takes a small space and small spaces controlled efficiently. In exterior design shutter used for adapting street.



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