Collage Work Step-2

After case studies, I focused on keywords spatial silence and reassurance, actually I looked at their definitions but I could not relate to case studies, it causes huge questions in my mind. Then I researched their other definitions to could relate a bit to case studies. Finally, I interpreted keywords according to case studies.

Spatial Silence: First of all, I am so happy with this phrase, it can be related case studies easily but how can I showed silence as a collage it was a big deal of this part. I should interpret spatial silence in an easy way to show in collage. Silence has also the meaning of peace etc. I cannot continue from there. Then I noticed the Villa Malaparte it is so proper this phrase. I think that it is located deserted cliff and it is location isolated from civilization, it is so lonely and unique itself but also it cannot distribute natural harmonies. I reviewed other houses at the group, Villa Savoye, Saltzman House, Atrium Evi, Wall House locations are not isolated from civilization but their around environment is nature and empty nearly. Almost have spatial relation with nature in different ways. For example, in Villa Savoye, with columns and garden terrace provide this relation or Villa Malaparte’s material use and form has occurred this relation. As a result, spatial silence is around environment relation to nature and structure’s loneliness, uniqueness, and harmonies with nature. In collage, I decided to show spatial silence in collage with nature parts of Villa Malaparte.

Reassurance: Reassurance is defined to restore the confidence, how I relate with houses I did not have any idea. Maybe it can never collapse things or restored things. Maybe even it collapsed, it could have been something that could be rebuilt. I could not relate this definition to the case studies. The group of houses another common point is public and private space distinction. Especially in Wall House 2 public spaces and private spaces separated by a wall or Le Corbusier designed Villa Savoye included this distinction, also Meier designed Saltzman House as well. Other houses also have this distinction but it is not dominant. This distinction or separation can be used in college. Also for these two keywords’ harmony, I decided that isolated things can be considered reassurance because if it isolated, we could also say it is protected.


With these ideas, I determined Villa Malaparte is the main concept of my collage because it is proper for my both keywords’ interpretations exactly. Its environment and isolation from civilization supported my ideas about the relation to nature and isolation. For the collapse idea, I combined photos and a sketch of Villa Malaparte so based on this idea some of the parts composition photos and sketch merged but some part I did not use photos to show photos converted sketch but the general composition it never collapsed, it is still continuity, also except Villa Malaparte part I played with their opacity placed under the sketch. Therefore, Villa Malaparte looked more durable contrast other parts. For public and private separation and isolation, I collaged Wall House 2 wall, so composition became two parts for showing the public part I used gray background. Finally, I used also some white spaces for spatial silence.


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