3d Diagram Step-3

After the collage work, the last step challenge that is this 2d college how to convert 3d composition, it is not the 3d collage or basic design model. I think this 3d diagram consisted of our ideas in collage so I should produce 3d diagram with keywords interpretation (spatial silence and reassurance) in my collage. Nearly, I try to protect my collage ideas but because of 3d forming, I also interpreted these ideas.

First, in my collage, my composition is separated two parts that express public and private space with the concrete wall. This wall also was used showed isolation from public and civilization and also protection (reassurance idea from college). As a result, wall approach should be in my 3d diagram. To show this approach I used thick corrugated cardboard but also showing isolation and protection from other parts I gave an L-shaped the wall.


Showing spatial silence ideas in college is so easy with the image of Villa Malaparte, in the 3d diagram, it is not easy. I defined spatial silence with loneliness, uniqueness, and harmonies with nature. To show spatial silence easy way is showing also it is contrast, showing contrast also help for me public and private space separation. For spatial silence(it is also a private part) I created monotone, unique and simple relation with thin cardboards in yellow part. This yellow part has own region it cannot far away from the wall and cannot interact with other parts physically. Its contrast part is defined a complex relation, I used different sizes of planes to apply this complexity and spatial relation.


For harmony of all diagram I used the same material, also for the harmony of all diagram I tried to continue lines to a plane and build relation like the same manner of a private part in shown above diagram.


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