3d Diagram Revised

After collage revision, my ideas also changing in the 3d diagram. In first revision, I changed my model a bit, my first problem about 3d diagram is  the way of showing private and silence part. In initial part my aim was the simple spatial relation with little strips then I am aware of that these strips lead to complexity and I changed them with a plane. In this way, the relation of private (simple) and public (complex) became a more readable. Also After the wall part (thick corrugated cardboard) I also want to level between spaces in terms of complexity, when increasing the complexity public and private separated each other. There was three level of spaces, with created common volume between spaces, my aim was an achieving complexity. Also because of the L-shaped wall, I integrated two group of spaces. Also, for the harmony of the nature in spaces relation I used L shaped for consistency of the model in the integration of the groups.

Then, I thought that this model cannot explain my ideas clearly, also I revised my interpretation of reassurance also with changing the relation of private and public spaces could not be explained this model. Also, the model looks like a basic design model, I should try to more diagrammatic model.

I revised this model I still used wall idea come from wall house 2 and I give three levels to walls to show changing the relation of private and public spaces. The model had still the same concept, separation of public and private spaces and private has a simple relation same reputation so same elements create same spaces in the same direction. therefore, it showed privacy and silence (monotone movement between elements).  Public parts elements have differents sizes and random places, they are mixed and between elements defining different spaces. About three different levels of wall, in first part of wall(orange), wall is thick and sizes of elements are prevented relation with public part and public part also enclosed with two elements ( for interrupting relation), in the second part (blue part) size of element increasing and interrupting element getting smaller and wall also get thinner and some part of wall, voids occurred for continuity of element from private part, the continuity of elements increase the integration of public and private spaces. In last part (purple), I increased the number of voids and wall get thinner, elements of private parts sizes close to a wall and public part elements distributed all area so on the wall elements are connected. These three level presented the idea of houses in collage, first level wall house 2, second level Saltzman house and Villa Savoye, third level Moriyama house. Also, showing relation element continuos in the other part like previous models (yellow parts).


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