Collage Work ‘Revised 1 and 2’

I produced two revised collages because I changed my some design ideas and some ideas could not be explained in shown collage’s qualities. Firstly, I want to mention unchanging part of the collage. Sketch and Villa Malaparte photos combination were a main approach of collage and they presented harmony with nature and spatial silence (based on my interpretation) and wall house ‘wall’ was shown its concept well. However, there was anything about other houses in case studies and also, most houses have relation with the concept of collage. Collage should be separated two parts that are private space and public space, yes there are two parts creating a wall which one is public, which one is public could not be understanding. Therefore, I chose houses that have natural harmony as I mentioned previous collage work (Villa Savoye, Atrium Evi, Wall House, Saltzman House) and I combined them to sketch and photos combination in public part to give a sense of the public. Sketch also provide to shown combination these houses with nature.

Ass.03 Revision Şeyma Akcan


Then, I decided to produce a new revision of collage, I cannot solve problems and I will detail my work from the beginning of the process. I researched public and private definitions with help of a book Lessons for Students of Architecture by Herman Hertzberger. Their spatial terms are shortly public- collective and private- individual. Public space is accessible to everyone at all time, private space is accessibility is determined by the small group and one person. These oppositions came from primary human relations, privacy is an important issue for human lives. Actually, in spite of oneself, public and private space are separated for privacy. Public and private are quite common in daily life, even in our houses, kitchen and bedroom is an example of public and private. Then, I reviewed the definition of reassurance and public and private space usage in case studies. Reassurance means that comfort intended to make someone fell less worried, I could relate this definition with privacy. For reassurance of something, its privacy should be protected and isolated. But private and public relation have levels, sometimes they integrated each other sometimes isolated from each other.  When public and private became an isolated from each other reassurance of space be a high point. When they integrated with each other, reassurance of space decrease. In case studies, there were examples of the different level of relation public and private.

Wall House 2 is wall provide to working and living space appear separate one another, they are house appear two-part directly. Therefore, it could be a high level of public and private relation. Villa dall’Ava, public and private spaces strongly segregated in different levels. The ground level contains public spaces and the first level contains spaces which are more private. Saltzman house, the plan based on separation of public and private spaces. For visibility of coastline, upper two levels predominantly public spaces, the public space opens up like a funnel as the structure rises, so that the integrity of the closed private zone, located along two adjacent sides of the house, is partially eroded on the second level, then disappears entirely on the third. The view to the ocean is dramatically revealed as one moves upward. Villa Savoye, there was not completely public and private separation between floors, spaces vary about privacy.  The ground floor is, apart from the entrance area comprised of primarily private areas.Level one is made up of the main living areas and this level is divided in two, one-half devoted to private areas (bedrooms, bathrooms and office) the other half is made up of the more pubic kitchen, living room and courtyard, the garden terrace was open public space. Moriyama house is a good example of the integration of public and private spaces, in between these, there was the dynamic relationship. There are no physical structures, presenting the house as something that belongs to the public as much as it is a private dwelling. It could be the lowest level of public and private spaces so reassurance decreased. Finally, I considered isolation of private is a high level of this segregation so Villa Malaparte had this approach, yes in the plan it is also included public and private spaces but in general approach of the house, isolation from civilization (accessibility) provide to consider that it is a private house. My interpretation of spatial silence in collage same with initial collage but I consider privacy also in terms of silence.

en son



I revise my collage with these ideas. To shown different level of the relation of private and public I used the image of houses that I mentioned above, I tried to disappear wall in levels, when the wall get smaller the houses private and public spaces integration increase so reassurance decrease. For showing the identity of public in left part, I used human figures. In right part appear silence and privacy. Also, these houses had integration with nature I mentioned initial collage about Villa Savoye and Villa Malaparte. Moriyama house included courtyards and garden design.


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