References in architecture are the crucial issue, from the antiquity, almost architects and designers used references from previous works. Like every kind of art, an architecture developed references from previous works. So that, some works such as Hagia Sophia, Pantheon, Villa Adriana became a collective knowledge, different civilizations different architects references from them. The important issue in references copying and replica. Unfortunately, some of the architects copy and reply previous works instead of reference.

The quotation is a kind of reference, in architecture quotation is receive an original idea with interpretations. I want to give my example,  I quoted wall idea from the wall house 2. In wall house 2, architect orginaze around a central axis of a horizontal and vertical plane, with three-dimentionality, spaces can be experienced. A vertical plane became a concrete wall and a group of functional spaces appears separate from one another. A group of space the wall appears to be freestanding with glass connection. In my design, wall presented as thick cardboard and I used hinges on the thick cardboard for translation between spaces in the plan, there was a translation.

For the freestanding, right part spaces only connected with the hinge, another part they connected the wall, it was my interpretation. Also, I did not use the long horizontal part in the model.


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