First Pre-Jury ‘House in Reference’

In this term, our project name is House in Reference so we designed a house with references from other houses. Actually, the project based on research and analyzing. In the first pre-jury instead of the function of house and scenario, the aim was focusing the houses’ spatial qualities. In my proposal references house was Courtyard House by Abin Design Studio, Atrium House by Erkut Şahinbaş, Esherick House by Louis Kahn, Maison Louis Carrée by Alvar Aalto, Kaufmann House by Richard Neutra and Glass Shutter House by Shigeru Ban Architects.

Courtyard House: I refer from this house its general spatial condition. According to general spatial conditions of the house, two mass connected with a narrow passage and integrated with a courtyard and outdoor spaces provide mainly visual relation between courtyard and inside of the house. This relation is provided by a transparent glass. The passage provides also transition between upper levels and between two masses. Especially its narrow passage and this passage creation of outdoor space is important for my design decision. I defined courtyard from this condition.

Atrium House: The Atrium House has a similar approach in terms of narrow space connect two main masses. It extended and expanded that creates other spatial qualities. According to that reference, I expanded the narrow passage in the proposal. Basically, I adopt atrium house’ atrium quality to Courtyard House’ passageway. Therefore, atrium and courtyard begin to work together. In addition to that, the architect also refers to the Roman Atrium Houses. These houses also have an atrium that focuses the center and circulation on the center. Erkut Şahinbaş refers Roman atriums and I refers Erkut Şahinbaş’s design. Roman atrium house reference also helped to me about circulation in design.

Esherick House: I referred the Esherick House’s stairs that bring circulation between the spaces. In that house, there are also two spaces that separated with a staircase. One part of the space is two story height and between that two separate spaces, there is a visual relation thanks to the height difference. I adopted that the idea of two story height and circulation that provided by the middle staircase.

Maison Louis Carreé: I referred the usage of the wall to support the circulation idea that in the proposal. In the house, walls are used to layering the spaces in terms of privacy but they also provide orientation, especially I want to translate this orientation for supporting my circulation concept in the atrium. Also according to layering concept, to change of levels provide privacy levels, I adopted this idea to my proposal.

Kaufmann House: I adopted the Kaufmann house centralization and groups of spaces separated each other with outdoor spaces so instead of separate with wall space I prefer this concept. With this approach in design, there are several outdoor spaces and they provide increase integration with outdoor.

Glass Shutter House: I referred the house open-close shutter for integration with outside so outdoor spaces can be like a space in the house.

Jury advised more research about houses and understanding architects’ attitude. Also, I referred similar aspects from houses, I should focus on their differentiation from each other.


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