Gallery Design

In my proposal depend on my reference house Maison Louis Carré and the scenario, the atrium should be also a gallery to reflected core of social life. Then I research and think about them, what is the basic design idea of the gallery. I think gallery has the same quality with museum because in both of them there are large circulation areas and with help of wall or panel orientation and circulation are provided. Last semester, we analyzed Erimtan Museum in terms of human experience, but of course, in this study and observation we are aware of circulation and orientation in the Erimtan, the building is guided people as if it says turn left or stop there etc… Apart from this quality, generally both gallery and museums have huge volume I mean especially galleries are just whole single space, you can sense huge single space so they should cover a large area with too height. For more understanding, I shared some of the examples from analysis.

Maison Louis Carré/ Alvar Aalto

In this example, in the hall of the house there is an art collection, for this art collection exhibited, two walls used this walls also other aims to isolated private spaces and oriented to people from the dining room to living room. The interesting feature of the gallery is its ceiling, the ceiling is curved for the sense a space higher and larger. As seen at section middle part is hall.

MAİSON LOUİS CARRE section ile ilgili görsel sonucu

Planar House/ Steven Holl

This example similar with the Maison Louis Carré in terms of house and gallery combination. It included large contemporary art collection. Gallery and living room is separated from each other by the narrow wall so they are not completely separated each other, people experience them together. They also placed the core of the house so they can be defined public space of the house.

Yale University Art Gallery / Louis Kahn

It is large scale gallery comparing with other examples, the gallery divided two spaces with triangular staircase. The gallery is important with its material and structure system. As is apparent in this structure, Kahn typically tended toward heavily textured brick and bare concrete, which he wonderfully juxtaposes against more refined and pristine surfaces, like the large glass windows of this building beautifully lined by steel.

yale art gallery kahn ile ilgili görsel sonucu

Multifunctional Gallery Space in Tehran / Kaaf Foudation

The project can be considered as a place that tries to introduce a new space for a showcase of art, a contemporary oriental and specific space with looking into traditional principals. Something that might not fall into the object oriented spaces of an exhibition that isolate the act of expecting but to celebrate the idea of living and spectating also being oriented towards nature.

Tahran ile ilgili görsel sonucu


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